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Joey - The Rock Opera

Joey - The Rock Opera

1. Ouverture
2. You
3. He could die for her
4. Razorback
5. How are you
6. Two Ways
7. Underture (Aftermath)
8. Deep in my Heart
9. Never again

Joey - The Rock Opera, complete soundtrack

© 2020 R. Hischier/L. Mystakidis

This is the story of Joey

1. overture

The whole life spreads out before Joey. What he makes of it is ultimately up to him. In the Overture his later phase of life, which he lives through afterwards, is already hinted at in the form of fragments of the following songs.

2. you

Joey is growing up and experiences everything outside in advance. So, he falls in love with a woman, or rather with the "outside image" of her, and has exact ideas about how she should be so that he is "happy". Above all, he already knows that the world will collapse for him (anarchy rules) if she ever leaves him.

3. He could die for her

It comes as it must come, and she leaves him out of the blue. He is devastated and wants to die for her.

4. Razorback

In his desperation, he joins a rocker club (Razorback) and feels completely safe and secure in the values he lives by (freedom, honour, standing up for each other).

5. How are you?

Joey does not deal with death as a matter of principle, but rather suppresses it, especially when it comes to his own. When he then visits a terminally ill friend and asks him the question, "How are you?", he suddenly realizes that this is probably the most stupid question or the hardest one for the person concerned.

6. Two ways

After he gets drunk for a long time and realizes more and more that everyone basically sees the other as an enemy and doesn't trust anyone, Joey gets more and more frustrated as he gets more and more dissatisfied with his life. Eventually he comes to the realization that there must be another way than the one he has taken so far. Full of frustration he shouts this out into the world.

7. Underture (Aftermath)

In a hangover mood after this outburst, Joey (quietly, therefore only instrumentally) goes into himself and thinks about how the other way might look like.

8. Deep in my heart

There Joey finally finds the solution: It is deep in his heart (Deep in my Heart). It is not what happens on the outside that is decisive, but how he sees the world from the inside and what meaning he gives to the outside world itself. The world is only an illusion, which can give him nothing and above all can't harm him.

9. Never again

Now that Joey has found his way and with it his peace, he thinks back and tells himself that he never wants to go back there (never again) and rather wants to show everyone how they can find peace.

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